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L-Sealing Machinery

Compack 5800i

Entry level shrink and seal unit
Space saving engineered

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Capacity: 5 – 10 pack / min “i Series”
  • Maximum Capacity: 7 – 12 pack / min “MC Series”
  • Max. Roll Diameter: 300mm
  • Standard Working Height (E): 860mm” (8000-i Series 970mm)
  • Film Types: POF: 7-37, PVC: 15-25 micron
  • Max. Product Height: 150mm
  • Max. Film Width: 500mm


  • Seal & Shrink single-step application in the same chamber
  • Practical and compact solution for low capacity packaging requirements
  • Easily transportable on wheels inside a facility
  • Easily read timers and temperature controls by the digital control panel
  • Magnetic holder keeps the chamber hood closed and secure automatically
  • Adjustable perforators for air discharge during shrinkage


  • Sealing blade power is only generated as much as it is needed
  • Adaptive temperature power control during variable cycle times
  • Start-up power for the sealing blade is controlled with the intelligent system
  • Increased duration of composite blade-support due to efficient heat control
  • Sustainable sealing quality and process accuracy by stabilization heat control


  • Mechanical switch triggers heating of wire and chamber when the hood is closed
  • Sealing is actuated in between wire and silicon rubber by the manually closed hood
  • Teflon belt covered rubber increases sealing quality and life-span of silicon
  • Sealing wire is embedded into the heat-resistant composite fiber
  • Solid-state relays in electrical cabinet help to operate long-term and quietly


  • Height adjustable package mesh tray for centre sealing option
  • Adjustable power of sealing blade against different film thickness
  • Poly-bagging option (without shrink) by switching off the fan
  • Temperature, timer, and other options are controlled with a digital system
  • Various language options are available in digital panel
  • Service menu is available in the digital control panel
  • Film roll holder with easy slide, load, and alignment for each package


  • Working option without pressured air need
  • ISO9001 quality standards with the relevant norm’s confirmation
  • CE certifications comply with the latest CE directive
  • World-wide approved brands for all mechanical and electrical components
  • Spare parts availability as needed through our Technical Parts Department

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