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Flow Wrapping Machinery Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flow Wrapping Machine?

A flow wrap machine makes a horizontal bag from just a single roll of film. When heat is applied to the ends and bottom of the film, it forms a sealed and flexible package (please note that the products would already be in the packaging). As well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, a flow wrap machine can also be used for food and stationary products too. The process has been carefully designed to ensure quality and durability every time, producing an economical wrapping solution which can be utilised across various industries.

What is the main purpose of A Flow Wrapping Machine?

The main purpose of flow wrap machinery is to create a sealed package around smaller products to keep them protected during transit. The machinery creates a perfect bag around the products and can be used with Polyethylene and Polyolefin to keep the contents air tight and protected. As the products move across the conveyor belt, the film is wrapped around them and heat is used to seal the wrap at both ends to create a perfectly sealed package, creating presentation quality every time.

The main body of the flow wrap machine is manufactured out of stainless steel with a box actioned head to help to increase the efficiency when bagging. Ideal for using within clean rooms for sanitisation purposes, flow wrap machinery is a popular choice amongst pharmaceuticals and companies within the food industry, carefully wrapping delicate contents to keep them secured at all times. Alongside preventing damage, it keeps the product inside safe from external threats such as moisture, dust and direct handling.

To ensure the highest quality every time, all of our flow wrap machines come with a 6-month warranty and spares can be supplied. You can be rest assured that we maintain our high standards and work with you to provide an effective solution for your business.

What are the benefits Of A Flow Wrapping Machine?
  • Products that have been flow wrapped benefit from having an added layer of protection from any outside contamination, keeping food safer and fresher. Contamination can be in the form or moisture, dust and even harmful UV rays, so the flow wrap machinery can wrap the products to ensure that they are protected from this.
  • Similarly to the above, products that have been through the flow wrap machine benefit from less direct handling. Once the film is in place, contamination from handling will be avoided and any risk of contamination kept to a minimum
  • The flow wrap machine can produce packaging that can protect against dehydration. This is a great benefit for businesses supplying fresh food as it helps to keep the produce fresh and prolong the shelf-life, making the products more appealing to customers.
  • With our flow wrap machinery, you can customise the wrap to enhance your branding. If you would rather, you can opt for clear flow wrap to allow customers to have an unobstructed view of the products.
  • Our flow wrap machinery works efficiently and effectively at a high speed to wrap products quickly. This increases production time and allows businesses to ship more products without any delays. In fact, a flow wrap machine can work up to 70 packs per minute!
  • For fast paced business, our flow wrap machine can also change to different products with ease, allowing you to switch to packaging a new sized item with no difficulty. Thanks to this ability, you can use our flow wrap machinery to wrap a variety of different products which doesn’t limit your production as a business.
  • The plastic used with our flow wrap machines can be easily recyclable, we tend to use a type of plastic known as LDPE (low-density polyethylene). We choose this as it has been designed to break down easily in the recycling process or can be reused time after time.
Do you offer a repair service?

If you would like to find out more about our flow wrapping machines or need any repairs to your packaging machinery, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand to help with any queries or questions you may have when designing sleeve film packaging.

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